Meet the chef

Restaurant Liefdegesticht is not just a restaurant, but a sanctuary in which Angel Pando and his team display their passion on a daily basis.

Our culinary team

Restaurant Liefdegesticht is a sanctuary where chef Angel Pando and his devotees showcase their specialised culinary skills each day. Together, they elevate good food to religious heights.

Angel Pando


Angel Pando (31) grew up in Javea, Spain. A fishing village on the Costa Blanca not far from Valencia, where dishes are served with delicious fresh Mediterranean products. His love for fantastic food can easily be explained therefore. Pando combines this Mediterranean style with French influences.

At an early age, Angel watched his father at work as General Manager of various luxury hotels in Spain. After a couple of years Angel decided to pursue his culinary passion in London. He worked for celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay, who taught him the tricks of the trade and excited him to further develop his knowledge, passion and creativity. Angel returned to Javea Spain and became the owner of two successful restaurants, both mentioned in the Michelin guide of Spain and Portugal. Over the years, he obtained various wine certifications, which enabled him to pair wine and food in unexpected ways.

Pando: “The most important aspect of a culinary experience? Taste. Of course the presentation must be perfect. The colours of the dish, how flavours come together. But without a refined taste you have nothing. I like to invite our guests to discover them.”

Angel Pando captured many hearts with his French-Mediterranean cooking style. Experience the heavenly taste and sin!